First Voice™ Deluxe First Aid Responder Kit


Let’s face it, accidents happen. Be prepared! Excellent for appropriately stocking your Emergency Responder Team with the supplies they need until the nurse or EMTs arrive. Prepackaged supplies are held in a durable responder bag.

Don’t rely on mediocre and unorganized first aid kits! Equip your staff with tools that can help them be more confident, efficient, and organized. The perfect AED companion for complete first aid preparedness!

Deluxe Responder Kit is ideal for…
  • Remote areas where panic situations often occur
  • Real-time first aid situations
  • Areas where 911 assistance will take over 10 minutes to arrive
  • Multi-level and large response areas
  • Improving the retention of first aid skills
  • Construction sites, schools, industrial plants,
  • or any place of employment
  • Reviewing accepted first aid and homeland security protocols


First Voice™ Deluxe First Aid Responder Kit Portable convenient responder kit with a nylon bag that contains prepackaged first aid supplies and the First Aid Field Guide.

Base kit FV815 plus more supplies.

The First Aid Field Guide provides information on first aid & emergency protocols for emergencies, best practices for scene safety and clean-up, best practices for personal safety, and information on Good Samaritan® laws and liability.

The information in the First Aid Field Guide is written to comply with American Heart Association/Red Cross/current ECC or ILCOR guidelines that are current at the time of publication.

The perfect AED companion for your facility or organization.

Can be hung on wall by carry strap or carried for mobile use.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 8 in


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